7 Daily Habits for a Clean House

These 7 habits can help you on the path of a cleaner house. www.the-modern-mom-blog.com

Housework!  Ugh, dreaded housework!  It seems like there is always something to do, something that needs cleaned, something that needs washed, something that needs repaired.  What’s worse is once you feel like you are getting a handle on things, you turn around and find the kids have gotten into something else.  You feel like you are never going to get this house clean!

I’ve put together a list of 7 easy to follow daily habits to help you achieve a clean house.  Try incorporating 1 or 2 of these each week.  You’d be surprised how just taking a few minutes on a few tasks each day can help you get your house clean!

1.  Wipe Down the Bathroom Sink Daily

This one is pretty simple.  Keep a canister of cleaning wipes on the bathroom counter and then use one on the sink after getting ready in the morning.  Doing this will help prevent the build up of toothpaste and other grime that seems to multiply every day.

Bonus:  While you are at it, quickly wipe down the counters and the top of the toilet as well.

Keep your bathroom sink clean.
Take time to wipe down the bathroom sink every day.

2.  Empty Vacuum Canister After you Vacuum.

There is nothing I hate worse than going to vacuum and having to empty the canister before I can start!  Get into the habit of emptying the canister each time AFTER you vacuum.  This habit will make your weekly chores much easier mentally.

Have a vacuum that uses bags?  Get into the habit of checking the bag each time you finish using the vacuum and change if needed.

Vacuum for a clean house
Get into the habit of emptying your vacuum canister after each use.

3.  A Load of Laundry Every Day

Laundry is my nemesis.  There is always something to wash.  There is always something to dry.  And of course, there is always a HUGE pile to fold and put away.  Get into the habit of doing a load every day.  Put a load in the wash before work, stick it in the dryer when you get home and fold after dinner while on the couch watching TV.  Use the commercials to put it away.  Instead of focusing on ALL the laundry that needs done, focus on the one load.

Don’t have enough clothes for a full load?  Are there sheets or bedding that could be washed?  Throw blankets from the living room?  You get the point.  Forming the mindset of doing a load of laundry a day will help you stay on top of this chore.

A load of laundry a day will help you have a clean house.
Doing a load of laundry a day will help you stay on top of this never-ending task.

4.  Empty Dishwasher Every Morning

This goes without saying that you will also have to load and run the dishwasher every night.  Thankfully for me this is a habit that my whole family is in.  Because the dishwasher is emptied every morning, we are able to put our dirty dishes in it throughout the day.  After dinner we add the soap and my husband starts the dishwasher just before bed.  I will typically unload it as I am waiting for my morning coffee.

Since the kitchen is the hub of most households, keeping up on the dishes has the biggest impact on keeping your house clean.  With no dirty dishes in the sink or on the counters you will be motivated to keep the rest of the kitchen clean, and that motivation could trickle down to the rest of the house.

An empty dishwasher helps you have a clean house.
Put away clean dishes everyday so that there is always a place for the dirty ones.

5.  Take the Time to Make the Bed

Making the bed is purely for your own mental health and how you see your house.  Think about it, if you walk into your bedroom throughout the day seeing an untidy, slept in bed you are going to feel like your house is a mess.  Even if the rest of your house is spotless.

Now think about how you feel when you walk into your bedroom and see a nicely made bed.  Do you feel at ease?  Happy?  Like your house is on it’s way to being clean?  Try taking 5 minutes everyday for the next couple weeks and see how it changes your attitude.

Making your bed will help you mentally keep the rest of the house clean.
Making your bed everyday will give you a positive mental boost.

6.  Touch Mail Once.

I’ll be the first to admit that I suffer from paper clutter.  I swear papers multiply fast than rabbits!  One trick that I have learned over the years is to only touch mail once.  Junk mail doesn’t even make it into the house, it goes straight to the recycling bin.  Bills get paid (or scheduled online) the day I get them.  Bank statements and any other important papers get filed.

You can extend this mindset to the rest of the papers that come into your house.  Notes from the kid’s school can be addressed immediately.  Throw the grocery list away when you get home from a shopping trip.  Think twice before printing that recipe (would it be easier to bookmark or pin it)?  Each time you hold a piece of paper in your hand ask yourself if you truly need to keep it, and if you do, make sure to put it away.

less paper means a cleaner house.
Touch your mail once to help keep paper clutter away.

7. Get the Family Involved.

I know this one is easier said then done!  The key here is to focus on one task that you would like each individual to work on each day until it becomes habit for them.  Have the kids pick up their toys before bed.  Ask your significant other to help with doing a load of laundry every day. The most important part is to remember that, no matter the size, you are part of a family, and as such it is everyone’s job to help keep the house clean.

What habit or habits do you have that help you keep your house clean?  Or which of the habits above have you incorporated into your daily routine?  Please share in the comments below.

These 7 habits can help you on the path of a cleaner house. www.the-modern-mom-blog.com
These 7 habits can help you on the path of a cleaner house.




5 Ways to Get a Jump Start on Spring Cleaning

Get a jump start on your spring cleaning tasks in 5 easy steps. www.the-modern-mom-blog.com

Aww, spring! After months of cold, snow, grey and being stuck inside things are starting to brighten up. The grass is turning green, trees are budding and you may even have a few flowers starting to pop up! Isn’t spring wonderful? But with spring comes that dreaded task: Spring Cleaning!

The yearly ritual of throughly cleaning everything in your house from top to bottom. Sure, having everything fresh and clean sounds great, and it IS great, once the task is complete. But getting started on spring cleaning can often be daunting.

Everyone has their own idea of what needs to be done for spring cleaning. I’ve put together a list of 5 things you can do TODAY to give you a jump start on your spring cleaning.

1.  Clean the oven.

A clean oven
A clean oven works more efficiently.

If you have a self cleaning oven this is a great first task for your spring cleaning. Remove the racks and wipe up anything that may already be loose in the oven. Turn on the self clean function and walk away. Spring is a great time to do this because the weather should be mild enough to open a window so it doesn’t get too hot in the house and to let the smell vent outside. Once the self clean cycle is finished, and the oven cool enough, take a damp rag and wipe out the ash.

If your oven is not self clean, or if there are some stubborn spots that the self clean function didn’t get, try following the steps provided by TheKitchn in their article How to Clean an Oven with Baking Soda & Vinegar.

2. Curtains and Blinds

Clean blinds
Cleaning blinds, curtains and windows will let the glorious spring time sunlight in.

I don’t understand how my curtains become so dirty over winter. The windows aren’t open to collect the dirt that may drift in from the outside, yet they still seem to accumulate the dust from the rest of the house. Now is a good time to take down your curtains and run them through the wash (or take them to the dry cleaner if needed).

The best thing about freshly laundered curtains? They smell great and infuse that smell to the rest of the house.

While your curtains are being washed, take the time to dust your blinds. You can get as fancy with this as you want. Me, I’m pretty simple and just take a Microfiber cloth to my blinds, but some people prefer to use a feather duster or special tool designed to clean blinds. Whatever you preferred method, just do it!

Bonus: since you are focusing on the windows, take the time to wash at least the interior of your windows and clean out the tracks. You’ll be surprised how these few things can give your house a clean feeling for minimal work.

3. Tops of cabinets.

A clean kitchen
A quick cleaning of the tops of your cabinets will help keep your kitchen fresh.

This is something that I tend to ignore the rest of the year. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Get your vacuum and Step ladder out and tackle the tops of the cabinets. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but getting those dust bunnies taken care of will help to keep them from spreading to the rest of the house.

4. Vacuum under beds.

A clean bedroom
Vacuuming under the bed will help you breath easier at night.

Since my vacuum doesn’t fit under my beds, this is a task that I often put off since it requires me to move the beds to get those areas. Ask for help moving the beds if needed.

Bonus: While you are moving the beds around, take the time to flip the mattresses.

5. Dust the ceilings, walls and baseboards.

A clean living room
Take the time to dust your walls and ceilings to help keep your house clean.

It’s amazing how much dust collects on the ceilings and walls. Use a dry microfiber cloth on my mop head and go over my ceilings and walls. Then take another microfiber cloth and go over the baseboards by hand. Remember to work from the top down so you don’t push dust onto a surface you have already cleaned.

When you think of spring cleaning, what are the tasks that come to mind? Please share in the comments below.

Get a jump start on your spring cleaning tasks in 5 easy steps. www.the-modern-mom-blog.com
Get a jump start on your spring cleaning tasks in 5 easy steps. www.the-modern-mom-blog.com